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How to Fuck Better: Sex Education for MEN: Class #5 Oct 20 ⇢

How a German Elementary School Taught Sex Ed [Graphic] ⇢

Condoms Approved for Schools in Massachusetts ⇢

7 states trying to gut sex ed and promote abstinence ⇢


High Schooler Protests ‘Slut-Shaming’ Abstinence Assembly Despite Alleged Threats From Her Principal ⇢

Let's be more open about the joy of sex ⇢

Teen Sex Ed: Instead of Promoting Promiscuity, It Delays First Sex | ⇢

“It’s not just the delay in first sex that’s important,” says Lindberg. “It’s that being older at first sex in and of itself is related to more positive sexual behaviors such as being more likely to use birth control and less likely to get pregnant. The fact that sex ed can delay sex a little still has big influences down the road.”

Ohio Republicans propose restrictions on sex ed that promotes "gateway activity" ⇢

Teenagers already know about sex. Let's teach them what a relationship looks like ⇢

Back in 2011, one researcher for the BBC Radio 4 documentary Teenage Kicks said memorably that she kept coming up against the assertion among teenagers that certain abusive behaviour - such as “slut-shaming” on the internet, “back-handing” a girl if she refuses your advances, or passing your girlfriend around your friends for sexual favours - is “technically wrong, but normal”, so hardly worth complaining about. This means that we have to encourage open discussion about abuse, and hold lessons and lectures and seminars about abuse, rather than hoping that any checklist will do the work for us. Identifying abuse is the start - but building relationship education properly into the national curriculum is the only way to seriously target a culture of ‘normal’ violence, assault and mistreatment that starts in the playground and escalates over a lifetime.

Vagina, vagina, vagina! ⇢

Tim McDaniel, a 10th-grade science teacher in Dietrich, Idaho, is being investigated by the Idaho State Board of Education for “possible controversial lesson content.”

The content? Sex ed.”

Surprise! Teen pregnancy rates drop in New York City thanks to birth control in schools ⇢

Despite all sorts of hand-wringing that OMG CONDOMS IN CLASS WILL FORCE ALL STUDENTS TO START FORNICATING THEIR WAY TO HELL IMMEDIATELY, data indicates that contraceptive access doesn’t result in more sex, just safer sex.

DIY Sex Toy Tip #2 

DIY Sex Toy Tip #2 

DIY Sex Toy Tip #1

DIY Sex Toy Tip #1

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