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Bookish Beast Contributor: Zines by Nest!

Bookish Beasts is coming up so soon (this sunday, actually!) but we haven’t run out of awesome zines and artists to showcase. 

Meet Nest, who will be at Bookish Beasts with their zines My Buoyancy, An Effortless Feeling. 

Check out the covers of My Buoyancy issues 1 & 2 below: 



Check out this & more sexy, smutty, smart stuff this Sunday at the Center for Sex and Culture (1349 Mission Street) from 12-6pm.

We’ll be psyched to see you there!

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Laurel Lee: Bookish Beast Contributor!

Bookish Beasts is almost here, and we’ve got another rad artist for you. Meet Laurel Lee! 

Laurel Lee is a visual artist who, for the first time, will be sharing handmade books. Laurel’s work can be found via Laurel’sArt on Facebook. 
As you know by now, the lineup is truly awesome— so keep spreading the word! AND keep a look out for these awesome bookmarks around town:

See ya there on sunday ;)
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Bookish Beast Contributor Bio: Tyler Cohen

In case you were wondering what other awesome work you have to look forward to !!THIS SUNDAY!!— we present: 

Tyler Cohen!


Tyler is a cartoonist who works with multiple voices: surrealism, true vignettes around being the feminist mom of a young daughter, and journalistic bits about language.


All these voices weave together in the Primahood books to offer both an emotional journey and an engagement with questions as to what is female.


Tyler will be at Bookish Beasts with the Primahood books and more awesome feminist surreal art, comics and zines. If you cannot make it, you can also find more of her work at

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday

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Help us raise 5 grand in 30 days! Sexy writers deserve to get paid! 

Help us raise 5 grand in 30 days! Sexy writers deserve to get paid! 

Bookish Beasts Contributor: Smuttywood!

It’s time again for another participator bio for Bookish Beasts, coming to the CSC on Sunday, July 13th!

Say hello to Smuttywood! 


okay, that’s not her. 

Smuttywood is a Bay Area Native. She earned her BFA in photography in 2012.

Since then, she has worked in various mediums including woodworking to examine the spectrum of sexuality.


In 2013, she founded the company Illustrated Antics.

You can see more of her work at her website, or at her company’s site . 

Smuttywood will be bringing handmade titty toys, cheeky zines and some saucy stickers :). Visitors who say the safe word “Sticky”, will get a free sticker!

Homemade titty toys like this: 


We are so excited to see you at Bookish Beasts, where you can mingle with Smuttywood, and the rest of the rad sexy zine-makers, artists and comic writers! 

RSVP on facebook (tell yr friends!)

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Fundraiser for Sex Still Spoken Here erotica anthology!

On July 1st, 2014, the Center for Sex and Culture & The Erotic Reading Circle launched a month-long fundraiser to publish our new anthology entitled Sex Still Spoken Here.

The Indiegogo campaign will take place throughout July with a goal of raising $5,000 dollars. A mighty goal, we know, but this money will go towards printing costs and actually PAYING our 27 writers (amazing right?!). As a volunteer-run project, we really need your help.

How can you get involved?

1. Donate! Every dollar helps! If you have more than that, you can score an e-book for $7 or splurge for $20 gets and receive a gorgeously printed paperback of your very own. The prizes just get better from there.

2. If you can’t donate (or even if you can) Tag us, Share us, Spread the word!

  • Follow us on twitter @ssshanthology, and use our #ssshbook hashtag
  • Like us on Facebook where we’ll be sharing new content from the book almost everyday this month.
  • Subscribe to our email list  to get daily emails with never-before-read content and teasers directly sent to your inbox. It’s gonna be sweet!

We’ll feature material from our 27 writers, including horehound stillpoint, Seeley Quest, Simone Corday, Sinclair Sexsmith, Jeff Jacobson, Avery Cassell, Dorothy Freed, Scott Bentley, C.J. Schneider, Anáin Bjorquist, Christine Solano, Lilycat, Jack Fritscher, Norman Armstrong, Holly Zwalf and more, plus sexy stuff from the editors: Dr. Carol Queen, Jen Cross, and Amy Butcher. 

Why should you get involved, you may ask?

The Erotic Reading Circle is a group of writers and listeners that has gathered every week since 2006, at San Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture, to share stories of desire and longing in a supportive and fun community setting. We believe that there should be more erotic writing in the world, not less, so that readers have access to a wider, more realistic, more human array of erotic expression – thus this new anthology, named in honor of the first Erotic Reading Circle anthology, Sex Spoken Here, published in 1997 by Down There Press. 

This is the first anthology published by the Center (and the second book this year!). We have a lot more we’d like to publish from our fledgling DIY publishing arm but we are a small team of volunteers, and there is only so much we can do. Therefore, it is really up to our (and your) community’s support and help increase the reach of this campaign. We thank you from the bottoms of our writerly hearts and can’t wait ‘til Sex Still Spoken Here is … well … finally here!

With adoration & gratitude,

Carol, Jen, and Amy

The Editors of Sex Still Spoken Here 

(coming September 2014)

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Bookish Beasts Contributor Bio: JON MACY

Welcome to another participator bio for Bookish Beasts, coming to the CSC on Sunday, July 13th!

Meet Jon Macy:


Jon Macy has contributed to the queer comics anthologies MEATMEN, GAY COMICS, THREE, QU33R, and NO STRAIGHT LINES, as well as gay erotic magazines such as STEAM, BUNKHOUSE, and INTERNATIONAL LEATHERMAN.
His graphic novel TELENY AND CAMILLE, an adaptation of the classic novel of gay love attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle, won the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for gay erotica.

His most recent work is FEARFUL HUNTER, which received the 2010 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. 

Jon Macy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be peddling his wares at Bookish Beasts next weekend. You can find more of his work at: and

RSVP to Bookish Beasts on FB here:

stay tuned for more artists bios coming this & next week! 
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CSC is hosting a Shibari Film Festival!

Shibari Film Festival
hosted by Rope Dojo®           (URL link to:
Proceeds benefit the Center for Sex & Culture 
When:   Saturday, March 1st, 2014.  3pm - 7pm
Where: Center for Sex & Culture
Cost:     $10 per person 
Come and enjoy an afternoon of rare Shibari videos from Japan! 
Bonus! Mystery Shibari Theater 3000 contest!
Dub & lip-synch the funniest dialogues they ought to have said! Win prizes! 
Popcorn & Sodas too! 
Midori is sharing videos she acquired from the venerable and much missed People’s Video in Japan Town of San Francisco. For decades, long before the internet, this little place was the secret treasure trove of rare Japanese movies, from cinephile classics, anime that never made it out of Japan, and of unusual, niche, and fetish adult videos never sourced in the US. You had to really know Japan town to locate the simple door and trudge up the stairs. There you met the owner, a quiet Japanese man, who is a true movie lover. The front room had all the kid’s movies, sward flicks and melodramas. He had a back-room where all the fetish and porn videos. First he had VHS and then DVDs. He had unlocked every film from the Japanese format so that we could watch it here in our US format machines. For so many years, this was the only reliable source of Japanese bondage imagery and resource for so many of us!
Sadly he closed the doors last year. The change in video rental really crushed his business. It seemed to break his heart in so many ways. When Midori last chatted with him, he was packing up to store to return to Japan to take care of his ailing mother. His clientele in the JAV (Japanese Adult Video) and his own tastes were mostly hetero sexual. This particular collection that Midori acquired reflects this.
Midori is a San Francisco based sexuality educator and founder of Rope Bondage Dojo® and ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive. She wrote the first English language book on shibari with “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” (link URL:   Find her classes and events

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