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Excuse me while I draw cuties having safe, consensual sex :>

Why can’t there be more art like this, absolutely perfect <333

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A little bit on “gay stashing,” Alex Fialho’s interview with Buzz Bense on the Visual AIDS blog. If you want to read the rest, by the book.

Mandatory protective eyewear in porn? ⇢

On the plus side - all the “jizz on glasses” themed porn is totally ahead of the curve! 

CSC’s Safer Sex Poster Exhibition Catalog ⇢

The Bay Area Reporter Online | ⇢

So punny! 
Can you think of any more?

So punny! 

Can you think of any more?

High Schooler Protests ‘Slut-Shaming’ Abstinence Assembly Despite Alleged Threats From Her Principal ⇢

WIN! San Francisco Stops Using Condoms As Evidence ⇢

for QUICK condom applications!

Teenagers already know about sex. Let's teach them what a relationship looks like ⇢

Back in 2011, one researcher for the BBC Radio 4 documentary Teenage Kicks said memorably that she kept coming up against the assertion among teenagers that certain abusive behaviour - such as “slut-shaming” on the internet, “back-handing” a girl if she refuses your advances, or passing your girlfriend around your friends for sexual favours - is “technically wrong, but normal”, so hardly worth complaining about. This means that we have to encourage open discussion about abuse, and hold lessons and lectures and seminars about abuse, rather than hoping that any checklist will do the work for us. Identifying abuse is the start - but building relationship education properly into the national curriculum is the only way to seriously target a culture of ‘normal’ violence, assault and mistreatment that starts in the playground and escalates over a lifetime.

the Condom of the Future ⇢

My only problem with these is that it doesn’t sound like any fun for the receptive partner… - Shayna

How Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Driving Up STD Rates ⇢

A 2012 study from the Guttmacher Institute found that more knowledge about sexual health and contraceptives was directly correlated to a decrease in adolescent and young adult risky sexual behaviors, like having sex without barriers or contraceptives, and increased numbers of sexual partners. The study showed that teens who received comprehensive sex ed not only had lower rates of pregnancy but waited longer to have sex—effectively achieving what abstinence-only educational programs have been trying to encourage for decades: waiting to have sex.

Giving young people the tools they need to avoid STDs—not just the tools we personally agree with— ensures that whenever young adults decide to have sex, they don’t end up doing it unprotected, with neither a contraceptive nor accurate information about how to reduce their risk of getting an STD.

Popping Condom Myths ⇢

Seven things you might not know about using condoms!

"Myth: Flavored Condoms May be Used Any Time 
Fact: Condoms seem to come in any flavor imaginable now, even 
scotch whiskey flavored.  While the flavors may spice up oral sex with a condom, they should not be used during vaginal sex.  Many flavored condoms are sugar coated, which increases the changes of a woman getting a yeast infection.

Sex Education Programs For Teens Targeted By GOP Lawmakers ⇢

In addition to passing some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation so far this year, Republican lawmakers in North Dakota, Arkansas and Texas are now pushing bills that would defund comprehensive sex education programs for at-risk teenagers.”

Barebacking in gay porn: behind the scenes ⇢

In the two-part video series below, Xtra takes viewers behind the scenes in the gay porn industry for a rare discussion about barebacking.”

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