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Center for Sex and Culture (San Francisco) Looking for Archivist Intern

The CSC Library and Archives Essential Duties, Function and Job Description for Archives

A Brief Explanation of the Archive Internship and Archivist Intern Positions

Please write to Tess McCarthy at to request more information and apply.

Archives Interns who come from an archival background or have needed skills in digitizing, organizing, coding (knowledge of EAD or other online schema used for creating online finding aids), working with the public in a reference setting are preferred. Their title is slightly different from that of non-archival interns and will get the designation as Archivist Intern. The will have slightly different learning outcomes which may need specific attention in order for these individuals to meet the requirements of their program.

The parallel positions in the Library are Librarian Intern (those with LIS—Library and Information Science backgrounds) and, Library Intern (those without LIS backgrounds). It is only fair to recognize and distinguish these interns so that users, patrons and the public are prepared to make decisions on which staff to engage with or utilize.

Desirable Traits and Qualities

The work of Archives Intern versus Archivist Intern (herein described as “intern”) varies only in the sense that there may be a marked difference in skills, knowledge and abilities. There may not be any difference at all, but all individuals who come to the Archives will come away with the experience of handling, organizing and cataloging one of the most special collections in the world. The lead Archivist values diverse backgrounds and interdisciplinary knowledge but the ability to learn on the fly or is able to contribute to the overall efforts is the final determination in selecting the appropriate intern.

The intern must also possess traits and qualities that are essential in working in the Archives. They are: highly organized, detail oriented, process oriented, mindful/meta-cognitive, open (willingness to change), excellent interpersonal relationship skills (with other staff and the public), communication skills (verbal/written), collaborative (has ideas that will help along in our goals and objectives) and is technologically capable.

In terms of lack of experience, by nature of this being an internship position, the Lead Archivist (parallel position in the Library is Head Librarian) will nurture, train, mentor and develop the intern in such a way that is beneficial to them as individual and, at the same is beneficial to the work at the Archives. A win-win, mutually beneficial and relationship founded in reciprocity is the overall work relationship sought.

Beyond basic traits and qualities is that the intern must be comfortable around a judgment-free, sex positive, graphically pornographic, wholly diverse background. We actively seek, mentor and develop interns who have a clear understanding of the Queer community and the individual needs of each group in the LGBTIQ spectrum. An open and non-judgmental attitude is necessary in understanding our straight, kinkster and ethnic communities as well. We also welcome individuals who understand or come from a non-binary, asexual, transsexual or gender fluid perspective and encourage those who are allies or champions of all our groups to work in creating and advocating for these communities. Other communities we serve are the BDSM, Leather and other kink communities that may or may not have overlap in the sexuality/gender spectrum.

Areas of focus in the archives include digitization, processing, arranging/describing/housing, cataloging, preservation, and migration.

Contact to request more information and to apply.

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Center for Sex and Culture Seeking Social Media Intern

The Center for Sex & Culture ( welcomes interns from colleges around the country and the world throughout the year to work with us. We encourage interns who are interested in bringing new ideas to the table, a strong interest in collaboration, and sex education experience.

Our social media intern position is a 10 to 15 hour per week commitment that requires experience with social media networks (especially Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr). E-mail us at if interested.

Tasks for this position include:

  • Posting social media updates in the form of news, event reminders, and relevant content curation across several networks: Facebook, FetLife, OPENLY, Tumblr, and Twitter.
  • Developing and updating social media guidelines for current and future interns and staff.
  • Implementing social media campaigns across networks for major events.
  • Monitoring the web for mentions of the Center and associated organizations and people. Examples of monitoring tools include Tweetdeck, Google Alerts, and Google Analytics.
  • Corresponding with staff and event presenters about upcoming events and news.
  • Posting engaging content to the CSC blog at

Further information about internships at the Center for Sex and Culture can be found at

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