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Shilo McCabe’s “I Masturbate” collection will be at CSC!

Shilo McCabe, a queer feminist photographer, is the founder of the Sex Positive Photo Project.  This May she will be showcasing her work at the Centre for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.  This show will feature 30 large images, including brand new pieces, from her “I Masturbate” collection; a series of photos and personal stories about the personal joy and sexual freedom her subjects experience through masturbation. Shilo is a documentary photographer, and her goal is for the audience to see authentic, non-fetishized  images of people just like themselves: no matter their body type/size, no matter their sexuality, no matter their kink, no matter the shade of their skin.  
This is sure to be an amazing show and an incredible experience! Fundraising is currently underway for this project at and there are some great perks available for donors (including prints, limited edition monographs, and even a credit for a photo session with Shilo herself!).  Stop by her indiegogo site and consider making a donation, and be sure to visit the show at the Center for Sex and Culture this May! 
What Shilo has said about this project:
while speaking on a sex-positive panel at Mills College I was asked if I had any tips for becoming more sex-positive.  Without hesitation I said “Masturbate!” Everyone laughed at my response and I realized later that I really had much more to say on the subject. 
Reducing the stigma around masturbation is important because we are a culture of mixed messages - there is no unilateral message about masturbation…”
What people are saying about masturbation:

I masturbate because I never have to worry about being too much for myself. I have a high libido and a lifetime of conditioning has made me self-conscious about being too intense, too hungry, too sexual, too wet, or too kinky for even my most enthusiastic and generous lovers.”
"Masturbation gives me some of my best orgasms. I love it for the orgasms alone, but I also do it to relieve pain, leg cramps, cranky moods, anxiety, and to help me get to sleep." 

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