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Disabled Pride/Disabled Pain: Stories of Kink and Disability, a panel discussion

The Center for Sex and Culture is proud to present a panel discussion of disabled folks discussing their experiences with kink. Join a panel of bad-ass disabled folks for story-sharing centered on disabled pride, sex, power, and (even sometimes) pain. 

Saturday August 23rd from 6:00-8:30

Suggested donation of $7-15 sliding scale. Pay what you can and no one turned away for lack of funds!

Panelists include:
Lyric Seal
Carrie Wade
Corey Alexander 

Topics will include 
*coming into a sexual and kinky identity as a disabled person
*relationships between experiences of oppression and kink play 
*Access intimacy in kinky play
AND more!!

Check out our fb event for more info:

Accessibility info: While the Center for Sex and Culture is not ADA accessible, there is wheelchair access through the front door and chairs have fit in the bathroom with relative ease. Our automatic door opener sometimes works, so sooner to the event we will update as to whether it is working or not! Please come scent-free (also no smoking outside the door and please be aware of chemicals you may come in contact with throughout the day). 
***We are working on getting an ASL interpreter so as soon as interpretation is confirmed we will update the Facebook!***

Please ask if you have any accessibility concerns or questions!!! xoxo

Center for Sex and Culture 
1349 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Doing Your Dirty Work 3 - Opens Friday at CSC - special creature feature-    Tyler Cohen

If you find ink line work sexy, if you find curvy and loose yet controlled line work in vaguely surreal, open-ended narrative drawings sexy– if you can see the rhythm of a hand that knows how to hold a brush and is quite comfortable with her pens, you might just become a fan of Tyler Cohen’s artwork.

Few are truly called to be ink fetishists working on paper. You have to be partly masochistic. There is no undo button. Fuck undo buttons. There is no eraser. You live with your lines. (Ask me how I know.)

The both images are from an ongoing body of drawings entitled the Primazons. Tyler calls herself anthropologist of the Primazons who “have evolved into their own culture and have become multigenerational” (quote is from Tyler’s bio). I see her as a philosophically-based world maker. She began with thoughts on relationships among women. From there it grew into a world of creatures with their own customs, rules (and rule breaking) and palette. It’s a world we can see on the page but if we want to eavesdrop on the Primazons, we must use our own imagination and projection—there is no text. It’s also a world that is evolving, like her and like us. Come have a look and eavesdrop with us this Friday.

for more info on this show and our gallery program:

The paintings and embroidery above is by Emma Rose Laughlin - one of the dozen artists we are thrilled to be exhibiting in CSC’s Doing Your Dirty Work.

Through constructing cute (see the My Pretty Pony dildo motif), very femme artworks, Emma Rose “juxtapos[es] sexually charged subject matter with tender and sentimental means of execution, she hopes to create a conversation that can shed light on some unresolved issues in the portrayal of sexually empowered women in today’s society.” (from her bio. I want to hear more about that though. Hurray for art openings!)

We’ll  be showing a few of her embroidered pieces in DYDW3. You know, that delicate craft for ladies (or so the stereotype goes) —embroidery —that contain portraits of Emma Rose’s favorite porn stars adorned with pearls (hell-oo Money $hots). Tributes? A compliment? Fan art? What else? Come see for yourself:

CSC - 1349 Mission Street, SF
Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer

August 1 – September 21, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday August 1, 7-10 pm

Closing Reception: Folsom Fair Sunday September 21, 4-7 pm

DYDW3 - closer, deeper, artist - Anna Zusman

The first image is one of 4 pieces by Zusman included in the upcoming show at Center for Sex and Culture. These mixed media drawings soon to at our gallery, are all from the same series exploring “the influence of media on our sex lives.” I love that she is depicting porn makers and people-machine-hybrids featuring today’s tech gadgets with a classical art sensibility.

Looking at some of the earlier work on her website I am especially enamored with her series of mermaid drawings and her way of taking contemporary life and depicting it with (a slightly morbid sense of) humor and a wink to many artists (who go back further than last week at some contemporary museum) who share a love of allegories and breathtaking craftsmanship.

Doing Your Dirty Work 3 - Closer, Deeper opens on Friday, August 1st from 7-10 pm

along with Anna Zusman, it’ll feature art by Bay Area locals Cricket, crissy bell snail, Emma Laughlin, Felicita Norris, gregory farrar scott, James Courtney, Jon Macy, Shayna Why, Shilo McCabe, Tyler Cohen, Win Mixter with Alex Fialho.

Doing Your Dirty Work 3 - closer, deeper

Time to mark your calendars for our next big art show. Here’s a taste of the goodies!

(drawing by Anna Zusman)

CSC - 1349 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
August 1 – September 21, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday August 1, 7-10 pm
Closing Reception: Folsom Fair Sunday September 21, 4-7 pm

Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer focuses on work by Bay Area visual artists addressing themes of themes of sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity in their art. Curated and juried by Jenn Moreno and Dorian Katz, artists were told “please do not censor yourself. Nothing is too perverse!”

(photo by Shilo McCabe)

Doing Your Dirty Work is CSC’s annual group show of contemporary artists. This year’s show, as the title suggests, stays Closer, limiting submissions to Bay Area artists, and goes Deeper, presenting more work by each artist. By limiting the show to a dozen artists, rather than the usual few dozens, we hope to better allow the viewer to get to know each of these brilliant and perverse contributors to sexual culture making. Work ranges from embroidered doilies of porn star Sasha Grey’s face mid money-shot, collages of gay porn and auction house antiques woven together, digital prints of beloved artists lost to the AIDS Crisis in both San Francisco and New York, and racy yet old-fashioned pencil drawings of human-machine hybrids caught ‘in flagrante delicto.’

Join us at the reception to take a deeper, closer look at artworks by: Anna Zusman, Cricket, crissy bell snail, Emma Laughlin, Felicita Norris, gregory farrar scott, James Courtney, Jon Macy, Shayna Why, Shilo McCabe, Tyler Cohen, Win Mixter with Alex Fialho.

(painting by Felicita Norris)

CCA’s MFA in Comics Program at Bookish Beasts

CCA is one of the few universities with a comics making program. Lucky for us they are in our fair city and bringing goods from their professors, students and alum to the party on the 13th.

They’ve also got a Facebook page

We love you local comics scholars and can’t wait to see the goodies you bring to the fest!

(image below by artist and CCA professor, Justin Hall)

Bookish Beasts Contributor: Smuttywood!

It’s time again for another participator bio for Bookish Beasts, coming to the CSC on Sunday, July 13th!

Say hello to Smuttywood! 


okay, that’s not her. 

Smuttywood is a Bay Area Native. She earned her BFA in photography in 2012.

Since then, she has worked in various mediums including woodworking to examine the spectrum of sexuality.


In 2013, she founded the company Illustrated Antics.

You can see more of her work at her website, or at her company’s site . 

Smuttywood will be bringing handmade titty toys, cheeky zines and some saucy stickers :). Visitors who say the safe word “Sticky”, will get a free sticker!

Homemade titty toys like this: 


We are so excited to see you at Bookish Beasts, where you can mingle with Smuttywood, and the rest of the rad sexy zine-makers, artists and comic writers! 

RSVP on facebook (tell yr friends!)

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Bookish Beasts Sunday July 13

We still have room for more vendors! Sign up—tell your friends!

Join the fabulous Tyler Cohen, California College of the Arts MFA in Comics Department, Ajuan Mance, Shayna Why, Dorian Katz, Tara Avery, Manic D Press, Elizabeth Kresteller, Laurel Lee, Jon Macy, Modern Times and of course the Center for Sex and Culture.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of goodies from the beasts who’ll be peddling their wares Sunday, July 13th


(illustration by Poppers the Pony)


BOOKISH BEASTS: Center for Sex and Culture is looking for  zine and comic book makers!

After the success and fun of last year’s fest, we are inspired to bring together and try to grow the audiences of local zine and comics artists who make sexy books. Center for Sex & Culture is a fantastic multi-use space that is perfect for gathering local artists whose works need to be celebrated for their blatant hotness.

Bookish Beasts is a one-day zine fest for the creators of art, books and comics featuring content on sexuality, gender and erotica. We aim to give artists the opportunity to peddle their wares, and connect with local readers who love and collect adult material.

The zine fest is one day. Sunday, July 13th from noon to 5 pm. This event is free to the public, but you must be over 18 to attend.

CSC provides judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health. Please consider donating copies of your work to the library and helping spread the word about this great resource. All of CSC’s books are searchable through Goodreads and CSC’s zine database:

If you want to participate or have any questions, contact us The registration fee is $20. To register, go to: click on the red donate button on the right side of the page. 

Center for Sex and Culture 

1349 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Shilo McCabe’s “I Masturbate” collection will be at CSC!

Shilo McCabe, a queer feminist photographer, is the founder of the Sex Positive Photo Project.  This May she will be showcasing her work at the Centre for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.  This show will feature 30 large images, including brand new pieces, from her “I Masturbate” collection; a series of photos and personal stories about the personal joy and sexual freedom her subjects experience through masturbation. Shilo is a documentary photographer, and her goal is for the audience to see authentic, non-fetishized  images of people just like themselves: no matter their body type/size, no matter their sexuality, no matter their kink, no matter the shade of their skin.  
This is sure to be an amazing show and an incredible experience! Fundraising is currently underway for this project at and there are some great perks available for donors (including prints, limited edition monographs, and even a credit for a photo session with Shilo herself!).  Stop by her indiegogo site and consider making a donation, and be sure to visit the show at the Center for Sex and Culture this May! 
What Shilo has said about this project:
while speaking on a sex-positive panel at Mills College I was asked if I had any tips for becoming more sex-positive.  Without hesitation I said “Masturbate!” Everyone laughed at my response and I realized later that I really had much more to say on the subject. 
Reducing the stigma around masturbation is important because we are a culture of mixed messages - there is no unilateral message about masturbation…”
What people are saying about masturbation:

I masturbate because I never have to worry about being too much for myself. I have a high libido and a lifetime of conditioning has made me self-conscious about being too intense, too hungry, too sexual, too wet, or too kinky for even my most enthusiastic and generous lovers.”
"Masturbation gives me some of my best orgasms. I love it for the orgasms alone, but I also do it to relieve pain, leg cramps, cranky moods, anxiety, and to help me get to sleep." 

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