Give OUT Day is Coming!

Give OUT Day is in a month! Help CSC make it bigger & better in 2014!
Give OUT Day is the national day of giving to LGBTQ and allied organizations across the country. In 2013, Give OUT Day raised over $600,000, from 5,474 individuals in support of over 400 nonprofit groups across the country. The Center for Sex & Culture raised over $15,000.00 in a single day, which directly helped support us throughout the reest of the year, and helped build our new Development and Outreach Programs. This year’s Give OUT Day is coming right up!
On May 15th, 2014, every donor we get will help us directly, AND will help us claim our share of awards from participating grantors like our friends at Horizons Foundation. Last year we placed high on the national leader board.  This year we hope to do even better, but we need your help! Please consider doing the following:
2) Get into the action early! A new and awesome feature of Give OUT Day 2014 is the ability to schedule your donation for May 15th ahead of time, which can be done at that link.
3) Remember that we get special prizes and incentives for every individual donation that we receive, regardless of the dollar amount donated. In other words: If you can “only” give $10, that’s great! If you and 5-10 friends can each give $10, that’s even better! Signal boosts and modest individual donations matter just as much as larger gifts. Please don’t hesitate to give what you can and to tell your friends to do the same. Do you have an e-list or a group of Facebook or Twitter friends? Tell them about Give OUT Day too!
4) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (remember – hashtags #sexandculture and #GiveOUTDay) to keep up on our progress and help us build buzz.
5) Spread the word!  Forward this email to your family and friends along with a personal note about why YOU believe in CSC’s work, and why they should give on May 15th, 2014.
Please be our champion, and help us get to the top. We can’t wait to celebrate your generosity on May 15th, 2014!

Thanks SO much,
All your friends at the Center for Sex & Culture


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