Sexual healing? British nursing home provides strippers, prostitutes  

Sex in assisted living facilities, especially those with older residents, has long been a taboo subject, though attitudes are becoming more enlightened.


Sex in assisted living facilities, especially those with older residents, has long been a taboo subject, though attitudes are becoming more enlightened.


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    Just because someone is a sex worker doesn’t mean they are forced into their profession. Also- having worked in aged...
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    Uh… what assisted living facilities are THESE? From what I’ve seen, due to the imbalance of genders and the fact that...
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    I heard that you were feeling ill Headache, fever and a chill I’m here to restore your pluck Cause I’m the nurse who...
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    Like this idea..
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    Excellent idea. Why should elderly people be denied sexual interaction if they want it. It’s no one else’s damn business...

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