I, Fembot: An erotic sci-fi short story nudiezine by Aaron Tsuru

*Now available at http://etsy.me/TUMWsj for ONLY 99¢!!!

You read that right, our latest mini nudiezine is a short story! Not just any short story, an erotic sci-fi short story set in THE FUTURE! I don’t want to give anything away, but we follow a day in the life of our protagonist, Charlie, and the love of his life, Fembot.

BUT… a nudiezine, no matter how small, wouldn’t be a nudiezine without nudieness, right?

WeIl, we peppered photos of the cyborgarific Fembot, played by the beautiful Erica Jay, not only on the cover and in the story, but also in our latest innovation: the short story nudiezine centerfold! That’s right, you can remove the centerfold, hang it on your wall/locker/door whatever and still the short story remains intact!


ONLY 99¢!!!

Short story nudiezine details:
5.5” x 4.25” closed
Black & white photocopied
16 pages, including the covers


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